Goose Bumps

by Boyscott

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Angel Bravo
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Angel Bravo It's like a nostalgic dream...bittersweet. It's perfect from start to end. Favorite track: Sleepwalk.
Travis Button
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Travis Button Absolutely love this album, could listen to it all day long. "Let me, Let me be right theeerrree"! Favorite track: Embarrassingly Enough.
Adam Palmer
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Adam Palmer Having just watched Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" This album really does seem to evoke that sort of small town New England charm along with the coming of age exemplified by the film. You can almost see Sam and Suzy on the tidal beach. In face this album almost seems to be a soundtrack to the movie itself. It gives me a rush of euphoria whenever I hear this album and think about the movie. Favorite track: Embarrassingly Enough.
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songs written, recorded, + mixed by scott hermo jr.

guitar, bass, synth, + vocals by scott
drums, percussion, + lead guitar on track 5 by john lewandowski
vocals by ellen ivy mcguirk
organ on track 8 by srujan bethi

mastered by gebre waddell

originally released by Pizza Tape Records in 2015
re-released by Babe City Records + Topshelf Records in 2019


released November 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Boyscott Connecticut

metamorphic rock!

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Track Name: Sleepwalk
wake up from the light of a broken screen
a cut out magazine
if it wasn't so would i stay up late
and hang around with you
until 1 or 2 or 3
before i go home and cry myself to sleep.
but you swear it was just a dream
a dream?
but it wasn't a dream

so then let's just leave
sleepwalk away with me
Track Name: Blonde Blood
i just want you in my bedroom
but i'm too nice to say the truth
i just want to taste your perfume
but you might have better things to do

but if you want to
you know I want to
if you want to
you know I want you too

i might act like i'm an @#$&^%*
mean guys always get close to you
i want that too

so if you want to
you know i want to
if you want to
you know i want you too
Track Name: Nova Scotia 500
on a field trip
i grew some legs
climbed up cadillac mountain
dove in Frenchman bay
on a porcupine island
saw a body laying
in a sandy coffin
riding atlantic waves

nova scotia bones
i found them all alone
nobody knows
i just found me some gold
Track Name: Marco Polo
in the corner of her eye
she sees a sudden fright
but the water keeps holding her down
the water keeps holding her down
her tears couldn't spring a frown
but her mind kept racing

she said
can you canoe a few strokes
through the pond
cuz my arms are falling off

where had she been?
what had she seen?
such a lovely girl
drenched in front of me
Track Name: Sinking Down
Track Name: R.I.P. Sophie Moore
you looked in the mirror
and saw paint on your teeth
from your tiny fingernails
hidden underneath the table
where we sat on your birthday
did you like that?
did you like that?
did u mind that?
do you remember that?
i know i remember that

sophie no more
you're just a sophomore

we carved our names into an oak tree
with a thousand other hearts saying rest in peace.
did you know baby
we were dying
oh the irony sophie oh the irony
we were dying
etched into an oak tree

rest in peace
sophie and me

sophie and me
rest in peace
Track Name: Killer Whale
too soon
you're leaving when i just met you
i won't drift too far apart
i know it's hard
but i'll never let go
just promise me you'll be here when I get back
i swear i will be here when you get back home

shark tooth now hanging around her neck since june
she's been slowly losing heart
he hopes and thinks she will not fold
i will be here waiting until you come back home

i can't believe the stories
that i read when i was a boy
they waited and waited forever
to be with the ones they loved
Track Name: Lake House
baileys dead
but she'll rest in our head
for now
until we're underground too

in the lake
we would take
our clothes off
Track Name: Embarrassingly Enough
you came around with
your eyes dancing down
and we never even talked that much
embarrassingly enough

i asked your friends
where the hell you been
well they really shut me down
but i didn't stop looking around

let me be right there
let me in
let me be right there
Track Name: Sleepaway
help me from falling asleep
i get scared when you're not standing there
save me with your teeth
and don't feel bad because you're all i have

don't you feel bad
no i'm not upset
don't you feel so bad

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